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Working with pagination in Power Automate

In Power Automate when retrieving records from an excel table we might end up getting only a limited number of records at times, this happens due to the pagination limit present for the connectors in Power Automate.

We can set pagination limit for all the actions that retrieves records in bulk such as "List rows" from CDS, "List rows from a table" from Excel Online and other such actions. By default the pagination limit is set to 256. To increase the limit please follow the steps suggested below ( the steps suggested are for CDS connector you can follow the same for any connector in Power Automate)

- Select connector and click on the three ellipses (...) for the connector

- select "Settings" from the connector menu

- In the settings menu enable pagination option and specify the limit in the settings pane

Once you enable the pagination option and specify the limit the connector action would retrieve the specified number of records. This will help in retrieving higher number of records than the default limit.

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