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Share flows using "Send a Copy" in Power Automate

In power automate when we want to share the flow with another user we add them as an owner to the flow, this often brings drawbacks wherein the user will make use of the same connections configured by the creator and this is often a setback.

If we want the user to make use of his own connections the way we can think is to export the flow as a .zip file and share the file with the user. There is a way more simplistic approach available for this in power automate using the "Send a Copy" button.

When you do send a copy in power automate, it would invoke a new pane that would bring options to enter the details such as the user name to whom we would like to share the copy, description, and title for the copy.

Once this step is completed the user can go through the templates and would be able to see the copy shared under the "Shared with me" option in templates, from here users can import the flow into the environment by setting their own connections for the connectors.

Benefits of following the above approach

- Easy to share flows with other users

- Gives the flexibility for the user to configure their own connections instead of using the creator's connections

- Control over personal information configured in the flow

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